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10 Biggest Wall Art Trends for 2019

10 Biggest Wall Art Trends for 2019

We're so excited 2019 has finally arrived. Walls covered with art is still one of the biggest design trends this year and if you're looking into updating your wall decor, you might be interested in what is on trend this year in terms of Wall Art.

Here are our predictions of what will be the biggest wall art trends of 2019.

1. Line Drawings

If you're looking to bring in one of the top wall art ideas for 2019, consider purchasing line drawings. Inspired by sketches from artists like Matisse and Picasso, line drawing wall art makes a minimalist statement. The person who chooses this kind of wall art can appreciate classic minimalism. Often drawn with black lines on a white or cream background, line drawings make a dramatic visual impact on a space.

wall art trends 2019

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2. Bold Abstracts

Sometimes a room calls for a large-scale statement, but one that's also subtly vague and sensual. That's where bold abstracts come in. Styled in bold, often bright hues, bold abstracts can pull together lots of little pieces into a unified presentation. Perfect for those who love to make a grand entrance, be the center of attention and steal the spotlight.

wall art trends 2019 abstract

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3. Strong Female Art

As more and more women emerge as strong leaders, and with the prominence of today's #MeToo movement, sisters are doing it for themselves. What better way to celebrate female empowerment than through evocative wall art? The strong female art and photography trend showcases female role models and feminist empowerment.

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4. Earth Tones

With today's focus on conscious living, earth friendly practices and peaceful well-being, it's no wonder art with earth tones is making a comeback. Those who love nature will gravitate toward these earth tones of grass green, dove gray, ground brown, tree beige and sky blue--the colors of the earth and sky. These neutral tones make a subtle statement.

 wall art trends 2019

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5. Typographical Art Prints

Another hot trend in wall art for 2019 is the typographical art print. This kind of wall art includes prints, pillows, or hanging wall art that features strong statements, your favourite quote or some epic song lyrics. Wall art that has this kind of messaging is perfect for personalizing your space with.

typography art prints

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6. Black and White Photography

When it comes to wall art trends for 2019, sometimes, the less color, the better. Black and white photography makes a monochromatic and dramatic statement in any room. The contrast between the black and white tones are evocative of the duality of life--war/peace, love/hate, good/bad. Black and white photography draws the eye to it. Perfect for the serious student of photography and the visual arts. Black and white photography is also perfect for the movie lover or fashion aficionado.

wall art trends 2019

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7. Engaged Art

Engaged art is wall art with a message, whether that message is feminist, political, philosophical or whatever. This kind of wall art portrays words that embody the purchaser of the art such as "Eat to your heart's content," "La vie est belle," and "The future is female." Quirky, humorous and often profane, engaged art is a great choice for people who are unafraid to be themselves.

wall art trends 2019

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8. Color Blocking

Wall art trends for 2019 also include color blocking wall art, which features large blocks of color together. This trend depicts bold blocks of color, often from opposite ends of the color wheel such as blue paired with red, or green and orange. Color blocking wall art makes a colorful statement for any room. It's an elegantly simple artwork choice for modern or contemporary rooms.

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9. The Gallery Wall

If you have a lot of different kinds of wall art that you want to display together--photos, souvenirs, paintings, portraits, prints, even sculptures on shelves--consider arranging those pieces in a gallery wall display. The gallery wall is a beautiful way to arrange disparate pictures to convey an overall message or statement. Start with a focal point and build around that for an overall complex portrait of your individuality. The gallery wall is such an eclectic statement about someone's unique personality that no wonder it is a favorite wall art trend for 2019!

gallery wall

10. The Large Statement Print

Rounding out our wall art trends for 2019 is the large statement print. This type of wall art can change the feel of a room the most dramatically. Daring and eye-catching, the large statement print may feature a heavy wood, geometric frame and is oversized to dominate a room. Sometimes the large statement print may feature metallic paint, other times it will feature bold lines and shapes. This kind of wall art pairs well with bold hues and glossy colored paint.

wall art trends 2019

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So, there you have it--the most popular and influential wall art trends for 2019! Be on the lookout and you will see these wall art designs showing up all over Instragram and Pinterest. These designs represent the hottest trends in wall art to come. All of us at The Printable Concept hope you've enjoyed this tour of the latest trends in new wall art designs.

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We are sure you can find wall art pieces that will both be on trend and truly reflect your personality!

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