Boho-chic Bedroom Makeover

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Watch Youtube Star Alexandra Gater use TPC prints to redecorate a gorgeous boho-chic bedroom.

Alexandra is passionate about showing millennials it’s possible to live in a home that feels stylish and beautiful (even if you rent!) without spending a lot of time or money. In just a year, she’s gained over 200k viewers who tune in every week to receive easy decor tips and fun, budget DIY inspiration. She is also the host for the HGTV digital series Buy or DIY as well as Shopify’s Make My Space Work. 

She was also voted Apartment Therapy 2020 design changemaker.



In the video, Alexandra uses our Abstract 1 art print in 16x20in as well as our Terracotta Rainbow art print in 12x16in.

 abstract wall art prints

Shop the art prints here.

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