How to create the perfect Danish Pastel Decor

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The Danish pastel aesthetics interior decor trend is everywhere on TikTok and Instagram these days, and we are in love. In this post, we will explore what exactly is the Danish Pastel decor aesthetics and how to easily make it your own.

 danish pastel aesthetics decor

image by @stelaadriana featuring our TPC Art Prints


What is the Danish Pastel Aesthetics?

The Danish or Scandi pastel aesthetics is an eclectic mix of retro and new, and takes its origins in Italian radicalism and Postmodernism movements. It could be described as Psychedelic meets Scandinavian. Some staples of this decor trend are:

  • Curvy, squiggly, wavy and blobby shapes 
  • Checkerboard and gingham patterns
  • 70s psychedelic patterns
  • Funky gradients
  • Square tiles..white or in pastel colours
  • Vintage decor pieces and objects from the 80s and 90s (think lamps and vases, ceramic and glass)
  • Sea shells
  • Butterflies
  • Smileys
  • Yin Yangs and Peace symbols
  • And of course, beautiful pastel colours with pops of bright and vibrant tones.

If you've been wondering how to get this trendy pastel aesthetic into your home, look no further. We've put together our favorite decor pieces that will add an instant danish pastel decor touch to your home.

danish pastel aesthetics decor interior

1- The Danish Pastel Art Prints

Art prints are great because they make such a big visual impact, adding a few prints can completely change the look and style of your decor. Leaning on a wall on a side table or dresser, hung above the sofa or bed, individually or as a gallery wall, combine any of our TPC danish pastel art prints and your decor will instantly be elevated to instagram worthy. After all, nothing adds personality and color quite like a statement gallery wall. See below how our customers styled their TPC pastel prints:
danish pastel aesthetic decor


Mix and match any of our prints in our Danish pastel collection, they all go beautifully together and are really easy to combines they follow the same color palette.


Shop our collection of Danish Pastel Aesthetics Art prints here.

2- The Murano Mushroom Lamp

The Mushroom lamp or Murano table lamp was a midcentury staple, and is now making its come back as a staple of the Danish pastel aesthetics. These hand-blown lamps are typically made from Murano glass, a glass handcrafted on the Island of Murano in Venice, Italy. You can easily recognize them with the iconic Murano brigading swirl in the glass, but some originals also come without the swirl. A lot of original vintage pieces can be found in online or instagram vintage shops, and will cost anywhere between 500$ to 1000$ or more depending on the size - they come in small, medium, or large. We love Millefiori Interior, Abigail Vintage, and Copenhagen Venice.

Cheaper but still beautiful versions made of regular glass can also be found on Etsy at big stores like urban outfitters.

murano lamp danish pastel aesthetics
murano lamp danish aesthetic pastel

Image by Dare Frolic 



3 -The Pastel Candles

Pastel candles are certainly one of the trademarks of the Danish Pastel decor.  With ombre pastel tones and twisted, conical and spiral shapes. The great thing is that candles are inexpensive and allow you to quickly add the danish pastel aesthetics to your home, so they are a great and affordable way to jump on this trend without having to change things up too much or spend too much money.


image by  @gloetco featuring our Flower Power 1 Art Print

danish pastel candle

pastel candles art prints danish

images by @modcandleco featuring our Color Block 80s art print


 3-curvy mirror

We love the Ultrafragola mirror,  a design classic created in the 1970s by Ettore Sottsass Jr for Poltronova. The mirror with its shape inspired by the waves in a woman’s hair, lights up with a LED light system (which creates the perfect light for selfies and videos) and was designed in one colour only: light pink. No wonder it has made a huge come back lately with the gain in popularity of the danish pastel aesthetics.

ultranfragola mirror curvy pink light danish pastel mirror

image by Poltronova

Another mirror we are seeing on the feeds of every chic interior of Swedish and Danish interior influencer is the Gustaf Westman’s Curvy mirror - also known as the Ultrafagola´s cool cousin. The Curvy Mirror has a frame of wood and is lacquered for a semi-matte finish. it comes in many colours and are all made to order.

curvy mirror danish pastel

image by Gustaf Westman

Many other versions are now also available for lower prices on Etsy or instagram.

Curvy Mirror pastel aestehtics

Image by @jildou1999 featuring our Color Block TPC Art Prints


 The pastel aesthetics is here to stay and should only become more popular in 2022. According to Pinterest's insights, search inquiries for bright and Pastel interiors have increased by ten times the number of searches in 2021. But pinners aren't the only ones embracing the Danish pastel design aesthetics. According to Vogue: 'The Future of Interior Design Is Soft and Squiggly'. The search of beautiful colours and funky shapes is a natural answer after almost 2 years of pandemic tree and isolation: 'As we navigate the troubles of the outside world, taking care of our insides, in every sense, has assumed new urgency. In some way, redecorating the different corners of our space allows us to regain some of the control that we’ve lost in the past year. Like children expressing creativity through doodles in the pages of a straight-lined notebook, these shapes and soft colors come naturally to us, offering an enticing prospect: comfort.'


If you also want to brighten up your space and jump on the Danish pastel aesthetics trend, shop our collection of pastel aesthetics art prints.

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  • So in love with this look. The pastels are so clean, soft and relaxing. Looking to create a portfolio of floral designs with this same look. Currently my look is more dramatic, dark and luxurious, which I still love in floral design, but as an artist, I enjoy creating with new styles and colors. is my portfolio. I will share once I have the pastels designs to match your beatutiful designs.

    Sandy Wolfe on
  • loooove this pastel style!!!!

    stephany on

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