Palm Leaves


The dance of the palm trees, the oceans calling, the first rays of sun and heaven is here.” ― Michael Dolan
This palm leaf photography has been digitally edited to emulate the cyanotype effect. Cyanotype is an old monochrome photographic printing process which gives a cyan-blue print. The English scientist and astronomer Sir John Herschel discovered this procedure in 1842. We used a chemical-free digital technique to give this photography a unique look from this traditional darkroom technique. It results in an ethereal, textured print with an almost 3D quality to it.
This printable wall art is High Resolution and can be printed as big as 50cm x 70cm | 18inc x 24inc (300 DPI)with flawless gallery-like quality.
Five files are included, allowing you to print your artwork in the following aspect ratios:
4:5 | 2:3 | 3:4 | A4 | 5:7
Please note this artwork comes as a downloadable digital file. Our 'Palm Leaves' printable is also available as an art print, beautifully printed on on thick, gallery quality matte paper in the Print Shøp.