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art print art prints blog color psychology colourful home decor colours danish pastel danish pastel aesthetics design trends home decor interior design blog

6 colors to add to your home decor and how they affect your mood

Are you looking to refresh your home decor? With the Danish Pastel interior aesthetics trending in 2023, adding colors to your home is a must....

kitchen wall art large wall art living room wall art poster size printable wall art standard poster size wall art wall art decor

Standard Poster Sizes

Picking a poster size? You might be wondering, "What are the standard sizes for posters?" or "What's the difference between US and European poster sizes?"...

art print blog danish pastel design trends gallery wall large wall art living room wall art wall art decor

5 ways to fill the blank space above your sofa with wall art

 Are you looking for ways to add character and style to your living room? Put your creativity to work and learn how to fill that...

danish pastel aesthetics kitchen decor kitchen decor ideas kitchen wall art kitchen wall decor

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

 The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we gather to cook, eat, and spend time with family and friends. And it’s where...

7 Gallery walls we love on Insta 🌈

Your walls are crying out for a gallery wall. If you're tired of the same old wall decor, it's time to add some art prints...

2023 blog colours danish pastel danish pastel aesthetics design trends gallery wall pastel

The biggest design trend for 2023: COLORS!!!

You know those monochromatic, minimalist Scandinavian interiors people were going crazy over a few years back? Yeah, they're out. 2023's biggest interior design trend is...