I am the Sea is a digital collage artwork | Printable Poster| Blue art print | Sea Ocean photography | digital collage Instant Download Coastal decor

I am the Sea

“I am the sea and nobody owns me.”

I AM THE SEA is a digital mixed media concept art created by artist and designer Julie Groleau. With its light hues of blues and grays and its coastal laid back vibe, our I AM THE SEA  artwork was designed to bring the spirit of a chic summer holiday in the Hamptons to your home.
This printable wall art is High Resolution and can be printed as big as 24inc x 36inc | 70cm x 100cm (300 DPI) with flawless gallery-like quality.
Five files are included, allowing you to print your artwork in the following aspect ratios:
4:5 | 2:3 | 3:4 | A4 | 5:7