Lifeguard Station Number 2


'The lifeguards strut the beaches with superiority that is insolent, yet at the same time, tolerant ... of lesser breeds — a gladiator class, envied by all the men, adored by all the women.'
Our Lifeguard Station number 2 printable is a vintage black and white photography from a lifeguard station in Santa Monica, California. It will instantly add a chic, California-centric feel to your home.
Kindly note that all our art pieces are sold as digital files, which are available for you to download directly upon purchase.

This art print is High Resolution and can be printed as big as 50x70cm | 18ix24in (300 DPI) with flawless gallery-like quality.

Three files are included, allowing you to print your artwork in the following aspect ratios:
4:5 | 2:3 | 3:4 | A4