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What is a printable?

A printable is an artwork that you can purchase online and that you will receive as a downloadable digital file.


 How does it work?

Get your new artworks hung on your walls in four easy steps:
The Printable concept -How to print your artworks -

Do you accept returns or refunds?

For Art Prints, Framed art prints and Canvases, The Printable Cøncept will gladly accept returns within 30 days of receipt of your shipment, for products that were damaged during shipping. Please send us an email to info@theprintableconcept.com when you have received a damaged item, including a picture before returning it.
For Printables and all digital downloads, kindly note that due to the nature of the products, we do not offer refunds. Unless there is a technical issue with a product, all sales are final.
Consult our Exchange and Return Policy for more detailed informations.

How many times can I use my files?

You can print your artworks as many times as you want! As long as it is for your own personal usage! 

When will I have access to my files?

 Immediately after checkout, click on the download button and save your files to your computer.

Where can I print my newly bought artwork?

Print your files directly from your home printer, bring them to your local print shop or upload them to an online printing service.

What is an aspect ratio ?

Simply, an aspect ratio is the proportional relationship between the width and height of a rectangle. When possible, we offer our prints in different aspect ratios, with mean you need to choose the one that fits best the frame you want to use it for. The most common aspect ratios for frames are 4:3 ; 3:2 ; 2;3 and A4.

What is .zip file?

A .zip file is simply a collection of one or more files, but is compressed into a single file for easy transportation and compression. Most of our artworks come in different size ratios so we compress them into a single .zip file.

How do I open my .zip file?

To open the .zip file and have access to your prints, double-click on it and let your computer show you the folders and files contained inside. In most operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS, ZIP files are handled internally, without the need for any extra software.

Are the artworks copyrighted?

Yes. All our artworks as well as all graphics, photographs, and texts on The Printable Cøncept are copyrighted and redistribution or commercial use is prohibited without express written permission. You may print for personal use only. The user assumes all risks of copyright infringement. 

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What is a Printable?